21st Century Home Networks

In the old days, an average home had one or maybe two computers connected to the internet. Over the last few years this number has skyrocketed.

The 21st century home can have mobile phones, iPads, tablets, laptops, TV’s, radio, music systems, CCTV and more …. dramatically increasing the demands on your home network.

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What is a home network?

A home network is a mix of wired and wireless equipment which allows computers, smart phones and other devices to connect to each other and the internet.

Better-IT can design and install your network – all the wiring, sockets, wireless routers and other equipment required by the 21st Century Home.

Better-IT for you

  • Advanced wired/ wireless networks
    Ensuring coverage for multiple devices throughout your house and garden
  • Professional cabling and hardware installation
    Hidden wiring and equipment sensitive to the aesthetics of your home
  • Security and family safety
    Control Internet access and protect your family from unsuitable content and viruses
  • Hardware installation
    Integrating technology such as computers, media players, audio systems and CCT

Fast internet… coming to Leicestershire from 2014

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In September 2013, Leicestershire County Council signed a contract with BT to deliver Fast Broadband across the county. Phase 1 of the roll out starts in 2014 and it is planned that 95% of the county will eventually be covered (see the County Council website for more).

Fast broadband transforms the way people can use the internet from home. As well as on-demand entertainment for all the family, it also brings the freedom to really work from home, using technologies such as remote access to office and cloud based resources, video conferencing and online meetings.

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