PC and Laptop Prices Set to Soar

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The recent massive flooding in Thailand is likely to lead to a significant increase in PC and laptop prices.

Although we live in times of Globalisation, similar businesses and component manufacturers tend to cluster together and the majority of hard drive and hard drive component manufacturers are all in the flooded area. Most global hard drive production has stopped and it is unknown when it will restart, let alone when production will return to normal levels.

Comparing hard drive prices today against two weeks ago shows prices have at least doubled, with no hard drives now priced below £100 (two weeks ago prices started from £22).

At the moment PC and laptop prices are unaffected because there is stock in the supply chain, however these stocks will only last for the next 2-4 weeks.

After that, we can expect significant price rises for PCs and laptops possibly carrying on into Q1 of 2012.

So, now is the time to buy a pre-built PC or a spangly new laptop.

Find out more on the bbc website.

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