News that Microsoft is to provide malware scanner updates to Windows XP for a further year, must not deter users from replacing their PCs, warns a Leicester IT expert.
Microsoft had previously stated that it would stop all support for…

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The registry for  .uk domain names, Nominet have announced June 10th 2014 as the launch date for the new, shorter, domain.uk names.
More information about the new domain names is available on www.dotuklaunch.co.uk
Nominet have warned against misleading offers to pre-register…

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Microsoft have extended support for Windows XP anti-malware software to July 14th 2015.
This does not effect the end of life date for Windows XP of April 8th 2014 and business and users should not see this as a stay…

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Better-IT Press Release: PC users who continue to run the Windows XP operating system on their computers after the system effectively reaches its end of life next April will be seriously compromising their online security, experts from Better-IT have warned.

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The new regulations, which will come into effect in 2014, define how website operators can become liable for the comments made by 3rd party contributors to their sites.
Website operators can be liable for content on their site even if…

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Stop using IE7 and get a Free new computer

It sounds incredible, but a US company is offering a brand new computer to it’s…

One last fix for XP…

Despite months/ years of warnings about no updates for Windows XP after April…

First post Windows XP security issue?

is this the first

Top 5 reasons why super fast broadband is good for business

Super fast broadband continues to be rolled out in Leicestershire, but what…

Another earthquake hits Rutland

This made us chuckle: After the devastating news of the third earthquake to…

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the latest IT Jargon and seems to relate to everything new…

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